If you are wondering if your Pen is working the way it should be, Xencelabs has a built-in Diagnostics application that you can use to test your Pens, tablets, and Quick Keys.

In this article, we are going to focus on testing your Pen. The 3-Button and the Thin pens can be tested in the same way.

You will want to make sure that your Pen Tablet is connected and that you have your Xencelabs Driver installed on your computer. 

Testing on the Mac and the Windows computer will be the same. In this example, I'm using a Windows 10 computer.

Links to testing other Xencelabs Devices: 

I'm using the 3-Button pen for this example, but you can also use the Thin Pen.

Please open the Setting program, and then click on the [1] Gear in the upper right corner and select [2] Diagnostics.

Your Setting program may look different depending on which Xenceclabs devices you have.

This configuration shows the Pen Tablet Small as being connected.

Once you have opened the Diagnostics application, there is a lot of information that is displayed.

[1] This shows your Device. It does not matter what is shown in this window. You can test your Pen with any selection being listed.

[2] It shows the Driver Verison you are currently using.

We'll explore the other information as we test the Pen in the next slide.

[3] The X/Y Data will change as you move your Pen around the Pen Tablet.

** If you have placed your Pen in Mouse Mode, these entries will be blank.

[4] X / Y Tilt shows the Tilt of your Pen in relation to your Tablet.

[5] Proximity will either be In - the Tablet is reading the Pen. Or Out, the Tablet is not reading the Pen.

To be in Proxaminty you need to be hovering about 1/2 an inch or closer to the Tablet surface or touching the Tablet with the nib of your Pen.

[6] Pen Button Code. This shows which button is being pressed.
0 shows no buttons are being pressed.

[7] My nib is touching the surface of the Tablet, and the Pen Code changes to 1.

When I lift it up it changes back to 0 quickly. There is no lag.

If you lift your nib, the Pen Button Code remains 1, which might indicate you have a sticky button.

[8] My Pen is hovering over the top of the tablet surface, and I'm pressing the lower button on my Pen.

When I left my Pen up, the Button Code returned to 0. If there is a delay in the Button code returning to 0. The button is sticking, and the Pen should be replaced.

As you hover your Pen over the surface of the Tablet and test the different pen buttons, they will have different Button Codes; 2, 3, 4.

If I touch the pen nib to the surface of the Tablet, Pen Code 1 will be displayed.

If, while I'm touching the nib to the tablet surface, I also press the lower button on the Pen, Pen Code 3 will be displayed (1+2=3).

[9] Gently press the nib into the surface of the Tablet, and you will see the Pressure value rise, and as you release the pressure, it will decrease. It should have a fluid increase and decrease.

While testing the Pen, please also try the Erase side of the Pen, making sure that it is working well.

If you are not receiving any Pen Pressure reading when gently pressing your pen nib into the surface of the Pen Tablet, Pen Pressure is not working, and the Pen will need to be replaced. 

[10] This shows that the Pen is possibly in pen Mouse Mode because there is no X/Y Data.

When I open the 3-Button Pen [11] Customize setting drop-down menu, it shows the 3-Button Pen is indeed in Mouse Mode.

The X/Y Data is not read in Mouse Mode.

Pen Pressure In Proximity:

Your Pen is selecting objects on the desktop without touching the surface of the Tablet.

In the image to the right, I'm hovering my Pen over the top of the Pen Tablet, not touching the surface.

[12] This shows that even though my Pen is not touching the surface of the Tablet, it is registering as a Touch "1".

[13] Shows the Pen as in Proximity, this is called Pen Pressure in Proximity, and the Pen will need to be replaced.

Reset your Pen to Default Settings:

After you have tested your Pen, if it checked out and is working 100% it should be, but not the way you are wanting it to.

It is possible that you have customized your Pen so that the behavior is not what you want from your Pen, and you are scratching your head trying to figure out what you changed. There is an easy solution.
In the bottom left corner of the Pen customization box, there is a [14] Reset Pen button.

By pressing this you will reset the Pen back to the Default settings. 

In Passing: 
To sum up the Pen testing; if you release a Pen button or pull the Pen off the surface of the Tablet and the Pen Button Code remains, this is an indication that the button or the switch on the nib or eraser is sticking, and the Pen will need to be replaced.

Before replacing the Pen, please reach out to Customer Care at support.xencelabs.com

Please remember your Pens are fine-tuned electronic instruments and should be treated as such.

Dropping a pen is a bad thing!