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Quick Keys for Blender?


I'm just started with the program Blender and purchased the Xencelabs Bundle with Quick Keys.

I am very satisfied with my purchase!!, it's the first time I have a tablet :)

I know that the Quick Keys are personally programmable, but since I'm just starting to learn e.g. Blender I was wondering if there are preset default settings for Quick Keys which most Blender sculptors use?

I want to learn good habits from the beginning and avoid having to change everything afterwards, here and there a personal adjustment will be there I know :)

Maybe Xencelabs have basic settings for sculpting in Blender that I can import?

Or anyone can give me a good You Tube link for Blender settings?

I have already watched several beginner tutorials on You Tube, but there is so much info that I can't see the forest for the trees for a while :D

Are there also Xencelabs default settings for Photoshop?

Maybe I can get a good tip on this forum for which thanks!!

Kind regards,

Thanks for posting that! 

I'm new to Blender but just set up my Quick Keys for it a couple days ago. I'll attach pics of what I decided to do for mine. 





This is a great question; Blender users, how have you customized your Quick Keys, Pens, or Pen Tablets to be more efficient when you are working in Blender? 

Until now I have been sculpting in regular clay and I want to transition to digital sculpting.

I was wondering if you guys have standard settings for Blender?

I am an absolute beginner to this program and I was wondering if you have default settings that I can import into the Quick Keys. The most common and efficient way of working for sculpting in Blender.

And where can I find re-sets for Photoshop?


Thanks, I'm a Blender beginner, what do you mean with my "go-to" shortcut settings? I sculpt in real clay and gradually want to transition to digital design.

I was wondering if you guys have default settings that I can import for sculpting in Blender?

And for Photoshop?

And yes, there are re-sets for Adobe PS. You can start with those and as you become comfortable with the Quick Keys, change them to the ones that work better for your workflow. 

I know there are a lot of people out there that use the Quick Keys with Blinder. What are your "go-to" shortcut settings to help you create quickly and efficiently? 

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