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Sleep - how do I wake up QuickKeys

I have my QuickKeys attached via USB cable. I have it set to sleep after 90 minutes. IS there a way to wake it up again without turning it on and off ?

Once the Quick Keys has gone to sleep, you will need to use the Power switch to turn it back on. I will send your comment to the Product team to see if your suggestion can be added to a future release of the Driver. 

I'm with Avraham Treistman.   

My remote key went to sleep and my first thought was that something went wrong.

It's natural to expect to just click or rotate the dial to wake it up again. 
This is the intuitive response we all carry from using computers and phones. 

Either call it "Auto-off time" or keep "Sleep time" and wake it up with any interaction besides on-off switch. 


That is a great observation. The Quick Keys has two sleep modes. 

The first will be keyed off the your manual selection in the Setting application. I have mine set to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of inactivity the remove will go to sleep. When it does this you will notice that the Power like and the Bluetooth light will remain on. 

After 20 more minutes of inactivity the Quick Keys will them power down completely.  Two wake it and this point you will need to slide the On button back to the On position and the Quick Keys will repair to the dongle. 

This will prevent the Quick Keys from batter from draining. 

Haa, ok. That makes xence
Thanks for the clarification !

No worries, and I hope that helped! 

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