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Quick Keys

Just received the medium bundle. Using Quick Keys in ZBrush (I'm still getting use to) is there a way of rotating your model with the dial?

Yes, in zBrush you can touch your nib on the canvas (background) and (click) and them move the cursor around. This will rotate your object. You will not need to setup a a shortcut on one of the dial buttons. 

I have included a link to the zBrush short cut list for you. I hope this helps.

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Thank you for your reply. I'm in ZBrush about 75% of the time. I saw the rotate function in the Quick Keys 3D section and I assume the dial would rotate the model, zoom in and out...etc. The Quick Keys, I've had for a couple of days, very new to the product. A lot more questions to come :)

With the Quick Keys, there are two type of actions. When using the Dial you will use those buttons to perform two actions like, Zoom in, and Zoom out. With the buttons below the Dial, you will set those up for single actions, like Undo or to create a new layer. 

It is always fun learning new applications, I'm not a zBrush user, and I'm amazed at what people create using it. I would suggest that you use to search on what you want to perform in zBrush. Once you have that, it is then an easy task, as long as it can be done on a keyboard, to set it up on the Quick Keys. 

Xencelabs is in the process of creating some how to videos on how to setting up and customize your Quick Keys. Please say tuned, and thanks for purchasing our tablet. 

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