Yes, we have a utility called Switch Applications that, when assigned to a button and you press it, will open a box and display all of your running applications. From this pool of applications, you can select one or tab to it and press enter. 

This is super easy to set up and use; this utility can be assigned to a Tablet button, a pen button, or a button on the Quick Keys.

I have placed instructions below to walk you through setting that feature up. The example uses a tablet button, but you can assign it to any button on your Xencelabs devices. 

I selected the Pen Tablet from the left-hand navigation, and I'm going to set the Switch Application function up on the top center-right tablet button.

Again you can use any button on your Pen Tablet, Pens, or Quick Keys.

[2] I have this action set up for when I'm in Outlook. I have added this to my Adobe PS, Helicon Focus, CaptuerOne23 Pro, and Lr. No matter which application I'm in, it will activate.

[3] I clicked on the Right button dropdown menu.

[4] And selected Navigation.

[5] And from the Navigation menu, I selected Switch Applications.

And you are set - It is that easy.

When I'm in Outlook, and I want to jump to another application, I press the top center-right button on my tablet, and the dialog box to the right comes up, listing my open applications.

I select or tab to the one I want to jump into, and you are there.