Yes, the Xencelabs Pen tablet does support Mouse mode on our Pen tablets. 

Here are a couple of FAQs that talk talked about Mouse mode: 

Does your Pen Tablets support Mouse mode?

Why do I not see any pen pressure in Mouse mode?

Sometimes you might want to use Mouse mode with your Pen Tablet. Like most people, your Pen Tablet might serve as a drawing Tablet and a Mouse replacement to get your daily work done. 

When using applications like Excel, where you want to place the cursor in a specific spot and widen or shrink a column or row, this can be a challenge in Pen Mode. 

If this is you, there is a solution! 

You can use the Mouse mode Pen Mode toggle switch and assign it to your pen button (or any button on your Pens, Pen Tablet, or Quick Keys). 

When you press it, it will switch your pen to Mouse mode, and your will need to "push" your cursor across your screen. This is called Relative positing. 

When you are done and want to use your Pen in Pen mode, you press the button once more, and it will toggle back into Pen mode. We call this Absolute position. Where you place, your nib is where the cursor will appear. 

The below instruction will walk you through setting up the Mouse mode toggle on your Pen. It is super easy, and it will open your eyes to some other Pen Tablet customization possibilities. 

First, you will want to ensure your Xencelabs devices are connected and powered on.

Then you will want to open the Settings pane. The easiest way to do this is to press the top center-left Control button on your Pen Tablet.

[1] This shows the navigation column, where you navigate to your different connected devices.

[2] This shows the Device windows. When your Xencelabs devices are powered on and connected, they appear in this window.

[3] I will use the 3-Button pen to show how to assign the Mouse mode toggle to a pen button.

Select the 3-Button pen. 

This step shows you how to find Mouse mode for the 3-Button pen if you want to set it permanently.

[4] Select the 3-Button pen from the navigation menu.

[5] Click on the dropdown menu to Customize the 3-Button pen.

[6] This panel shows that Mouse mode is turned off currently. To activate, slide the button to the right, and Mouse mode will become active.

Now let's set up the Mode mode Toggle to the bottom button on the pen.

Click on the bottom button (the button you want to use on the pen), and from the dropdown list, select Mouse/Pen Mode Toggle. 

[10] It now looks like the image to the right, and you are almost ready to get to work!

The last step will be to add the application to the Application row that you want to use this feature.

Here is a link to an FAQ that will walk you through that process.

Now you are set!

I hope your thought this article was helpful.