Yes, both the 3-Button pen and the Thin pen supports mouse mode.  You can set up one pen to use Mouse mode (relative positioning) and the other to use Pen mode (absolute positioning) or any combination between the two settings to meet your needs and drawing styles. 

Here are the instructions to place your pen in Mouse mode. 

First, you will need to open the Settings application, press the top-left tablet button, and open it. 


You can set Mouse mode to either the Thin pen or the 3-Button pen, or both. For this instruction, I will show you how to set mouse mode on the 3-Button pen. It is the same for both pens. 


[1] The first step is to open the Settings application. Once open, select the 3-Button pen.


Once you are in the 3-Button pen settings dialog box, [1] select CUSTOMIZE 3-Button Pen drop-down menu.


[2] You will see that by default, the Mouse mode is turned off. 


[1] Once you toggle on Mouse mode [2] Mouse Mode-Speed dialog box will open, and you can change that speed at which your mouse will work in Mouse Mode.


[3] Then click OK, and you are set to use your pen in Mouse mode. 




To change it back to absolute mode, all needed is to toggle mouse mode off [1].