Creating a combination keystroke using the Windows Key+ another key is possible. In this example, we are going to assign the Windows Key + H to a Quick Keys button. 

This process can be used on the Pen or Tablet buttons also. 

Please know we are working to make this a more fluid process in the next release or two of our Windows Driver.

The first step is to open the Setting program. 

  • If you have a Pen Tablet Bundle, you can press the button top-center left button, which will open the Settings program. 
  • If you have just the Quick Keys, type in Xencelabs into the Windows search window, press enter, and select the Xencelabs application.

Once you have the Settings program open, select the Quick Keys from the left and navigation bar.

[1] For the Voice Activation menu, we will select the All Other icon in the Application Row.
I'm going to assign this to button 7 on the Quick Keys. You can easily assign it to a button on your pen or at the top of your Pen Tablet.

[2] I have clicked on button 7, and I'm going to select Keystroke.

Once you have selected the keystroke [3], click on the Clear button. This will clear the Keystroke Keys field.

Once you have cleared the Keystroke Keys field, click within the field.

Now press and hold the Windows Key. You will see Win+ in the Keystroke Keys field. Continue to press and hold the Windows Key.

[5] Click on Add Special, but do not make a selection from that menu.

[6] Click on a blank area, then [7] click back in the Keystroke Keysfield and press h. You will now have the Win+h in the Keystroke field.

[8] Give the Shortcut Name a name, and click [8] OK

[10] We are now ready to go to use Win+h when the #7 button is pressed.