Yes, it is possible to reset your Quick Keys and Pen Tablet. If you are experiencing issues with either device and it is not acting consistently, resetting the device will clear the firmware and reload the factory-installed firmware back into the device. 

The reset process is the same no matter the operating system you are using with your Xencelabs devices. 

How to perform the Reset: 

The process is the same for both the Quick Keys and the Pen Tablet. 


With the device On, slide and hold the On/Off slider to the Off position and hold it there for ten seconds until the lights off on the device. 


The device is now reset. Turn the device on by sliding the On switch to the right and releasing the switch. Your device will power On and you will be back up and running.,


Where is the On/Off slider located for the Quick Keys and the Pen Tablet?



For the Quick Keys, the On/Off slider is located at the bottom center of the device. 


Slide and hold it to the left. When the lights go out, release it, and then turn it back on by sliding the switch to the left and releasing it. The Power light will come back on, and if you are in Wireless mode, once the Quick Keys is connected, the wireless light will go solid.




For the Pen Tablet, the On/Off slider is located in the top right of the Tablet.


Slide the On/Off slider to the right and hold it. Once the lights go out, release the slider. 


Then turn it back on by sliding and releasing the On/Off slider to the left. 




Will I need to repair it to the Wireless Dongle? 

No, you should not need to repair the device. You just reset to the Wireless Dongle. 


What happens if my issue is not fixed by resetting the device? 

Please send an email to with the below information; 

  1. Device Model number (Pen Tablet or Quick Keys)
  2. Serial number
  3. Operating system and version
  4. How the device is connected to your computer
  5. A clear description of what the Customer is experiencing
  6. And a short video if the Customer can do that
  7. Is the Customer able to reproduce this issue on a different computer?

This email will be received by the Customer Care Team.