Yes, there is a utility in the Xencelabs Setting application that will allow you to test your Pen, Tablet, and Quick Keys to make sure they are working correctly. The utility is called Diagnostics Tool and it resides within the Setting application. 

To access this Diagnostics application, press the top-center left button on your tablet. 

Or - 

Windows Users: Type Xenelabs in the Search window, and then select the Xencelabs application.

Mac Users: Click on Finder and then select Application from the menu, and scroll down to the Xencelabs folder, expand it, and select the Xencelabs application.

Once you open the Setting application, the process will look the same for both Windows and Mac users. 

When the Settings application starts, you will land on the [1] Home page.

[2] Select the Gear in the upper right corner of the display, and select [3] Diagnostics from the drop-down menu.

Note: If you purchased the Pen Tablet and not the Pen Tablet Bundle, you will not have the Quick Keys remote. 

When the Diagnostics application opens, you will see the screen to the right.

[1] As you move your pen over the top of the tablet, you will see the X/Y Data change. This is tracking your pen movement.

[2] When you gently press your pen nib or erase into the tablet, the Pen Pressure reading will increment, and as you ease off on the pressure, it will decrement.

[3] X/Y Tilt reads the tilt of your pen. As you angle it back and forth, this will change to reflect that.

[4] Pen shows if the tablet is sensing the pen or not. If it is reading "In," the Tablet is sensing the is within range or is within Prox (Proximity to the tablet).,

[5] Pen button code. The Pen button code will change from zero to a numeric value when a pen, tablet, or Quick Keys button is pressed. When the button is released, it will change back to zero.,

Examples of an improperly-working pen, tablet, or Quick Keys.

1. Pen button code is showing a number other than zero when no button is being pressed.

2. You press a button on the pen, tablet, or Quick Keys, and the Pen Button Code does not change from zero.,

3. The pen is within range of the tablet (1/4 /to 1/2 inch), and the Pen is Out (and should be In).

4. The pen is hovering over the top of the tablet (not touching the tablet), and the Pen Status shows a "1".

When done testing the pen, tablet, or Quick Keys, press close to exit the Diagnostics application.