The Nib of your Thin Pen and Three-Button Pen is designed to wear out. But don't worry, this is not a defect, it's to protect the surface of your Xencelabs Pen Tablet from scratches.

    1. You will receive 10 spare nibs with your Xencelabs Pen Tablet and Pen Display (4 felt and 6 standard nibs). 

    2. Make sure to replace pointed, chiseled, and worn nibs to keep your Pen Tablet in good condition. 

    3. When removing the nib from your pen, always use your included Nib Extraction Tool. 

    4. After inserting a new nib into your pen, always use gentle pressure with your finger to set the nib. 

The images to the right are examples of nibs that have been used well beyond what they should have used.

[1] Shows a Gray nib that has a worn cone shape completely off the nib. This will increase the surface friction and can cause damage to the tablet or display surface that is not covered under warranty.

[2] Shows a Black nib that has been worn to a chisel point and will cause damage to the tablet's surface if it continues to be used.

An easy test to perform every few days before you start to draw is to slide your index finger over the tip of your pen. If it feels sharp, change the nib. 

DO NOT set the nib by tapping your pen on your Tablet or a hard surface. This could damage the surface of your Tablet or your Pen.

IMPORTANT: Never wait too late to replace your nib. If your nib gets too short, you might not be able to remove the worn-out nib from your pen, and you will need to purchase a new pen.

Tool Tip: If nibs are wearing out too quickly, adjust your pen pressure in your Xencelabs application. With softer pen pressure settings, you won't have to press as hard to get darker lines, thus increasing the life span of your pen nibs.

Open your Xencelabs Settings panel.

1. Click on your pen settings in the side menu
2. Here, you can adjust the pressure sensitivity of the selected pen

-Soft for less pressure needed
-Heavy for more pressure needed

3. (Optional) In advanced settings, you have more options to customize your pen. 
4. Here is the same slider from the previous page.
 Note how it changes the curve in the graph above.

5. Adjust the curve by clicking the small yellow boxes in the graph and drag.