No, only one wireless dongle can be used on your computer at the same time. 

You can connect one Pen Tablet + Quick Keys or two Quick Keys to a wireless dongle. 

What two dongles connected might look like to you: 

  • It might create mapping issues in the Device Settings panel. 
  • It can create unexpected results when assigning functions to your Xencelabs device.
  • Your customer settings might not get saved.
  • This will also cause issues with Exporting or Importing your preferences. 

If you are using a USB hub, it is recommended you connect it directly to your computer. If you do need to use a USB Hub, use a powered USB Hub. One that connects to the computer and also plugs into the wall for power.

If you need to pair an Xencealbs Tablet or Quick Keys to your wireless dongle, please follow the instructions in the link below. 

FAQ pairing link:

The image to the right shows one wireless dongle being used in a powered USB Hub.