Yes, and it is loaded with all sorts of useful information. The Support page is at the URL below.


It is broken up into six pages, all with different types of information for you to access and use. 


I'm going to list the basics of each page and you can dive in and explore it on your own a bit more.


Once you land on our website:

You will notice the navigation bar at the top.

[1] Move your cursor over the word Support (this is also clickable), and there is a lot of information that will point you to the below pages.

The Driver Download page: This is where our production and beta drivers are posted for you to download and install on your macOS, Windows, or Linux computers.

Quick Spart Guide page: This is an expanded version for all of our products of what you receive in the box. This will walk you through connecting and getting up and running with your new Xencelabs products.

Support FAQs page: This is a collection of questions that have been asked by customers in the past. It is searchable by keyword and phrase. It is a self-help library on steroids.

Registration page: This is where you will register your Xencelabs device and can sign up for the newsletter.

Contact Us page: You can fill this out, and it will come into the Customer Care CRM, and one of our customer care agents will reach out to you and happily work with you.