Yes, on both the Mac and the Windows platforms, you have the ability to assign a button to a Quick Keys, Pen, or Tablet that, when pressed, will display all open applications allowing you to select and then jump into the selected applications. 

The Keyboard combinations are; 

  • On Windows: Alt+Tab
  • On Mac: Option+tab

This function can be found in the button selection Navigation > Switch Applications. 

In the example below, I'll be assigning the Switch Applications to a button on my Quick Keys. 

You will need to start by opening your Settings application and selecting the [1] device you want to assign the Switch Applications function to.

[2] Select the Application you want to use this function in. Once you have clicked on it, you will notice that 3the yellow bar will appear under it.

[3] Now you will need to select the button you want to use to activate this function. I'm going to use button #7.

[4] Select the button.

[5] From the drop-down menu, select Navigation.

[6] Then scroll down the Navigation menu to Switch Application and select it.

[7] Once you make the selection, you will notice there are no other choices.

The button will be automatically named Switch Applications.

When you are in Word and press Button 7, your active windows will pop up.

You will need to keep holding the button down while selecting the Application you want to jump into. 

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