That is really a two-part question: 

  • When do you need to change the nib on your pen? 
  • And how do I change the nib on my pen? 

Let's tackle the first question; when do I need to change the nib on my pen? 

I tell customers to pick a day of the week, and on that day every week, hold the pen you use and gently drag your index finger over the tip, and if it feels sharp. It is time to replace the nib. 

If you have any questions along the way and would like to reach out to Xencelabs Customer Care, please send an email to We would be happy to answer your questions. 

[1] Hold the pen that you need to test. Using your index finger, slide it over the nib.

[2] A healthy-looking nib. Notice the conical shape of the nib at the point.

[3] A nib that needs to be replaced. Notice the chisel shape at the point of the nib. 

This is a picture of the Nib Extraction ring stored in the Pen Case.

[4] When you pull it out of the case, you will notice the slit and the notch.

The notch is designed to be placed over the nib and against the Pen collar, as shown in the next image. following

[5] Placing the nib extractor slot over the nib and sliding the nib into the notch, then gently squeezing the nib extractor together to firmly grab the nib and pulling the nib extractor away from the pen. 

[6] Tip of the nib. You will notice that it has a nice conical shape.

[7] The back of the nob. You will notice that it is flat.

[8] To place the new nib into the pen, select the nib you want to use from the storage location in the lid of the Pen Case.

You will notice that one side of the nib is flat, and the tip has a conical shape to it.