The Xencelabs driver team has created the ability to allow you to select two or more Mouse clicks to be used at the same time, along with adding the use of control keys if needed.

canThere are 3D applications that use a Right+Middle click to perform actions. You will also notice once you open up the Modifers dialog box that you also have the ability to include Shift, Alt, Control, and Space, and on the macOS side, you will have the addition of Command, Option, Control, Space, and Shift. 

The two images below show the Windows and macOS Settings Panel > Modifer dialog, with the Middle and Right Clicks selected on the Windows image.

If you are an Adobe Ps user, Alt + Right Click is a useful combination. This will allow you to increase or decrease the size of your brush by moving left to right and also adjust the feathering of your brush by moving your pen up and down. 

On the Mac, you will need to select Option+Control+Left Click.

You can assign this to a button on your pen or a button on your Quick Keys. 

Windows Define Modifers:

macOS Define Modifers dialog: