We are always looking for ways to move through our work more effectively. Optimizing your Quick Keys is a great way to help supercharge your workflow. I have added a few steps below to help with that. 

These suggestions will work for both the Windows and macOS platforms. 

The image to the right is a typical non-optimized setup for a Quick Keys.

[1] You will want to ensure that you add the application to the Application row you use in your workflow. This will allow you to make custom settings for these applications when using them.

[2] Once the application is added to the Application row, you can select it and then customer your actions for your pen, Quick Keys, and Display or Tablet.

[3] Setting up actions for the Dial will help speed up scrolling through images and files.

[4] Creating and Grouping button actions will help decrease your time switching through sets.

Optimizing your Dail:

[5] Select your Quick Keys.

[6] Select your application from the Application row. I have selected Photo Mechanic. I use this application in the first step in culling out images after a photo shoot.

[7] I only use Scroll and Zoom when I'm Culling images.

[8] You will notice that the other two Dial modes are grayed out. I have disabled them to allow me to switch from Scroll to Zoom with one button press.

I do not want to waste my time cycling through the other two Dial modes that I'm not using.

I'm able to make the edits to the Modes by selecting the mode and then clicking on Customize.

I have done the same with the Quick Key buttons.

[9] I have named the Sets,

[10] I have disabled the Sets I'm not using. This allows me to switch quickly between Culling and 2nd Pass.

All of this is done by selecting the Set you want to edit and then clicking on Option and making your selection - Rename or Dispable.

The Quick Keys Setting to the right is now optimized for a quick and effective workflow.

When you are Culling 100s or 1,000s of images, you will be suppressed in how much time you will save by making these adjustments to your setup.


[11] Add your applications to the Application row.

[12] Disable any Dial mode you are not using.

[13] Disable any Button Sets you are also not using. 

Tip of the Day:

Please don't forget to Export - Backup your newly custom settings.

Once you have made edits to your Settings panel, create a backup.

[14] Click on the Gear in the upper right corner.

[15] Select Export User Settings and follow the prompts.