You can now do this on both the Windows and macOS platforms. 

You will need to use the Windows driver 1.3.0-33 or the macOS driver 1.3.-43 or earlier. 

The instructions below will walk you through how to set the switch so the end user will not be notified of driver updates when the Setting panel is opened. 

You will need to first open the Setting panel by clicking on the Pen Displays top-right Control button or the Pen tablets top-center Left Control button.

[1] Pen Display 24 top-right corner, press the Left Control button.

[2] Pen Tablet top-center, Left Control button.

[3] Once the Setting panel is open, click on the Gear in the top right corner.

[4] And select Diagnostics. 

[5] Check the Automatic Updates checkbox, which will turn off the update notification displayed on the Settings panel on the lower left above the Driver Version.

** Note: By default, this is not selected.