Yes, you can set up a Pan/Scroll function on your Xencelabs Pens. 

This feature is available for both the Windows and Mac platforms and can be activated by pressing the button on your pen or Quick Keys. 

You will need to use Windows driver 1.3.0-33 or macOS driver 1.3.0-43 or newer to have the Pan/Scroll in the Navigation selection. 

The below example uses the 3-Button pen to assign the Pan/Scroll feature to the top button. 

You will first need to open the Setting panel.

Once the Setting panel is open, select the application you are wanting to use, Pan/Scroll within the Application row.

[2] From the left navigation column, select the pen you want to set the Pan/Scroll on.

[3] Click the Pen button you want to use.

[4] From the menu, select Navigation.

[5] Then select Pan/Scroll

To use Pan/Scroll, open the application, and as long as the application supports Pan/Scroll, you will press the pen button and touch your nib to the Tablet/Display and move up or down or left or right, and the page will scroll.