By default, the Pen Display 24 is set to Adobe RGB color space. 

The below color spaces are preset, and you can easily move from one to the other depending on what your workflow requires.

  • sRGB
  • REC 709
  • DCI P3
  • REC 2020
  • Pantone

This image shows the Color Space selection panel in the Setting panel.

[1] The default setting is Adobe RGB.

[2] The User Mode selection allows you to adjust your Color Space setting, allowing you to dial in precisely what you want. This setting can be saved so you can quickly come back to it if needed.

[3] You can always press the Reset Display to bring it back to defaults (Adobe RGB).

[4] User Mode.

[5] When you press the Set User Mode Preferences, you will receive the dialog box shown in [6].

This will allow you to make custom adjustments to the Brightness Contrast and Gamma levels and save them.