The Pen Display 24 has a brightness rating of 330 cd/m2.

You may be asking yourself, is this important? And the short answer is yes, it is very important, and it separates the ok Displays from the great Displays.

Cd/d2 stands for candelas per square meter, or you can think of one candela as the equivalent of one lit candle. And the higher the cd/m2 rating, the better the Display will perform in a brightly lit room.

An example of how this measurement comes into play. If you have ever looked at a digital camera's screen on a bright day and have struggled to see the image, this is an example of a very low cd/m2 level. 

Higher-end displays will have a cd/m2 of 300 or more. The Pen Display 24 has a 330 cd/m2 rating, allowing it to be viewed in a well-light room with different types of lights and light conditions. This is also one of the features that help reduce glare on the Pen Display 24's screen in a well-lit room.

The higher the cd/m2, the better the components within the Display need to be in order to support that higher light level. 

One cd/m2 is the equivalent light of one candle.