Your Pens come precalibrated from the factory. If you see that your cursor is not directly under your nib, you may want to calibrate your pen. 

The calibration process is easy and quick; you can perform this task as often as you like. 

Start by opening the Settings panel.

[1] Select The Pen Display from the Device row.

[2] From the navigation column, select Device Settings.

[3] Then Select Display Controls.

[4] Then select Pen Calibration - Recalibrate. This will start the pen calibration process.

Five targets will be placed on Pen Display, starting in the upper right-hand corner.

[5] Please follow the instructions, and tap the nib in the center of each of the five targets.

Once you have touched the nib to the center of one target, that target will go away, and the next target will appear in a different location. 

[7] Once you have touched the center of all five targets, you will be asked to check your cursor alignment.

Move your nib over the top of the Pen Displays surface to check for the nib to cursor alignment.

[8] If it is to your liking, click on Complete.

If you would like to recalibrate the pen, you will select Retry.

When you select Complete, you will be done with the Pen Calibration.