Yes, If you are using Microsoft Word you can easily set up a button on your Quick Keys, Pens, or Tablet to allow you to quickly add Subscript or Postscript text to your document. 

In this example, I'm going to set up both Subscrip and Postscript to a button on my Quick Keys. You can just as easily assign this to a button on your Pen, or one of the buttons on your Pen Tablet. 

For Microsoft Word, the command for to set those up is listed below. 

Subscript: For Windows it is Ctrl+=  for Macs it is Command+=

Superscript: For Windows it is Shift++ for Macs it is Command+Shift++

You are also going to want to add MS Word to the application row before going on. the link below will show you how to add Word to the Application row in the Settings panel. This will allow you to make custom settings that will only affect Word when it is that active application. 

FAQ Link for adding an application to the Application row:

Now let's open the Settings panel and get these set up. 

Once you have opened the Settings panel you will see the image that will be similar to the one on the right.

There are currently three different variations to what you will see with your Xencelabs devices connected and powered on.

[1] The Pen Tablet Medium Bundle and or the Special edition Bundle.

[2] The Pen Tablet Medium or Pen Tablet Small.

[3] The Quick Keys.

[3] Select the Quick Keys (or the device you are going to use).

[4] Make sure you have added Word to the Application row. You will need to click the Word icon, so the yellow active bar is under it.

[5] I'm going to set up SubScript on button 1 on my Quick Keys. So I'm going to select it.

[6] Then I'm going to select Keystroke. 

[7] Then we are going to give the Shortcut Name a unique name that will be shown on the OLED of the Quick Keys.

[8] And then click Clear. This will clear out the previous function.

[9] Press the keystrokes that will activate the function.

[10] Click OK to save your new button settings. 

[11] And now you can see that it is set up for button 1. 

With Word opened, I start to type and when I want to use the Subscript, I press button 1 on the Quick Keys, and I'm typing in Subscript.

I press it once more and now I have deactivated Subscript and I'm typing in normal script.

Let's set up the lower button on your 3-Button pen to change to Superscript.

The process is the same when setting up a button on the 3-Button pen.

[12] Select the 3-Button pen from the navigation column.

[13] Select Word from the Application row, making sure the yellow active bar is under it.

[14] Click on the button you are wanting to set up the Superscript on. In this case, it is the lower pen button.

[15] Select Keystroke.

[16] In the Shortcut Name field, you will want to give this function a name.

[17] Clear and then press the keys on the keyboard to enter the function. In this case, it will be Ctrl+Shift++

[18] Click OK to save it.

This is how it looks when used in Word.  To exit out of Superscript, press the button once more and you are tying in normal type again.