If you are looking into removing the Xencelabs Settings panel form your Mac's dock, look no further, here I will let you know how you can do just that! (You can also do this with other applications you want to remove from the dock)

First thing you will want to do is Quit the Xencelabs application.

You can do this from the dock by Control-Clicking the Xencelabs Icon and selecting the 'Quit' option.

You can also use the shortcut Command-Q while in the Xencelabs Settings Panel to Force Quit.
From there you want to do another Control-Click and using 'Options' Select the 'Remove From Dock' option.

This will remove the Xencelabs settings panel from your Mac's dock.

If you miss the Xencelabs Settings Panel being in the dock, you can just as easily add the application back.

You will want to open the Xencelabs Settings Panel and again Control-Click the Xenclabs icon in your dock then select 'Options' and then select the 'Keep in Dock' option.

And there you go! the Xencelabs Settings Panel can again be easily accessed form your Dock.