Yes, you can, but you will need to pair the Pen Tablet or Quick Keys each time you move to a different computer. 

This is because when you pair the Xencelabs Device to the wireless dongle, the device and the wireless dongle stores a unique identifier that allows only these two devices to communicate with each other. 

In order to move between two computers, you will need to unpair and then repair to the new wireless dongle. 

The reason for this is that the wireless dongle and the Pen Tablet and Quick Keys use a Bluetooth 5 Private channel. This requires that the devices create a special connection that only they can use. This reduces lag with our Pen Tablet because it is not fighting for bandwidth with other Bluetooth devices.

FAQ for removing and adding a new Xencelabs device to your wireless dongle.

To see the pairing, you first need to open the Settings panel.

[1] Click on the Gear in the upper right-hand corner.

[2] Select Manage Wireless Pairing.

[3] This shows the Xencelabs devices that are connected to the wireless dongle.

[4] This shows their unique identifying address.

Tip: You can connect two Xencelabs devices to one wireless dongle.

That can be a Pen Tablet and Quick Keys or two Quick Keys.

But not two Pen Tablets.