This article will walk you through understanding your Pen Tablet's different features and help you understand the terminology for when you are ready to customize your Pen Tablet. 

It does not matter if you have the Pen Tablet Small, Medium, Bundle, or Special Edition. All the Pen Tablets have the same features and customization abilities described in this article. 

Let's get to it. 

Your Pen tablets features. You can also find this in our Quick Start Guide on the Support page. 

Quick Start Guide Link:

[1] Kensington Security lock slot. This will fit a Kensington Micro Slot lock. The lock is not included in your kit.

[2] Power Slider Switch. Slide and release to turn on/off your tablet.

[3] Charging indicator. A solid green light indicates full charge, a breathing green light indicates charging, and solid amber light indicates low charge.

[4] Connectivity indicator. Blinking blue light indicates searching for connection, solid blue light indicates successful wireless connection, and breathing blue light when connected via USB cable.

[5] Tablet Control buttons. Three buttons at the top of the tablet give access to commonly used functions. All the buttons can be re-assigned in the settings panel.

[6] LED Active area markers. Active area brightness and color can be changed in the settings panel.

Each pen tablet comes with two pens. A 3-Button pen and a Thin pen.

3-Button Pen (on the left)

[1] The Nib of the pen.

[2] Lower pen button.

[3] Middle pen button.

[4] Upper pen button.

[5] Eraser.

Thin Pen

[6] The Nib of Pen.

[7] Lower rocker switch.

[8] Upper rocker switch.

[9] Eraser.

What is in the pen case [5]?

[3] The 3-Button pen.

[4] The Thin pen.

[6] 10 nibs - six Black, and four Gray.

[7] Nib Extractor.

[8] Wireless Dongle.

[9] Adapter USB-A to USB-C.

[12] Drawing Glove (not in the Pen Case). 

Please use the link to the right to connect your Pen Tablet, and then you will be ready to download and install the driver for your Pen Tablet.

If you would like to reach out to Xencelabs Customer Care, there are a few ways you can do that. They are listed to the right. 

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3. On any page that has the Help icon (in Yellow) at the lower right, you can click on that and search for FAQ articles or reach out to Customer Care directly.