There is a Global reset button and a Settings page reset button. The first will reset everything within the Settings Panel, and the second will reset only the elements on the selected panel. 

Let's take a look at where the reset buttons are located for the different elements in the Settings panel.

Global Reset:
This can be accessed from any panel in the Settings application.

[1] It is located in the top right corner of the Gear icon dropdown menu.

[2] When you select this, it will reset all settings in the Settings panel back to the default state, as if you had just installed the Xencelabs driver.

** Use this with caution. You might also want to make a backup of your settings first.

[3] You can do this from the same drop-down menu by selecting Export.

Panel Reset: 
You can also reset an individual element within the Setting panel.

[4] In the image to the right, I have selected Pen Tablet from the left-hand navigation.

[5] the reset for this panel is located in the bottom left. You will notice as you move through the Settings panel that the key elements, like the reset button, are located in the same area. This is by design and for your convenience. 

Button Reset:
In addition to being able to reset the panel, you also can reset an individual button.

[6] I have selected PenTablet from the left navigation menu.

[7] I have clicked on the Left Button to drop the button menu down.

[8] At the bottom of the button menu is the reset for that button. When pressed, it will only reset that button.

Pen Button Reset: 
[9] Here I have selected the 3-Button pen from the left-hand navigation.

[10] Shows the Panel reset button location.

[11] I have selected the Eraser's dropdown menu.

[12] The reset for the Eraser is listed at the bottom of the dropdown menu. 

Quik Keys Reset:
The Quick Keys has a reset for both the Dial selections, the buttons, and the Sets for the buttons.

[13] I have selected the Quick Keys from the left-hand navigation.

[14] I have selected Mode 1.

[15] When I click on the dropdown menu for Mode 1.

[16] The Reset is at the bottom of the menu.

[17] I can also reset one of the buttons below by clicking on the button.

[18] And selecting Reset from the bottom of the menu.

[19] I can also rest the Set button names by selecting Options on the left-hand side of the button listings.

[20] And then Reset to Defaults.

Preference Panel Reset:
[21] With the preference panel reset, there is only one reset option.

[22] The reset button for the Preference panel is at the bottom left of the page.