Once you have added a few applications to your application row and customized them to meet your needs, you might find the need to remove them at some point. Either you have found a new application you like better or you no longer need to use an added application and want to remove it. 

The process is easy and described below.  The image below shows a Pen Tablet and Quick Keys setup. If you only have a Quick Keys, you will select it from the left-hand navigation column. Same process for both devices. 

[1] Open the Xencelabs Setting panel and select your Pen tablet or Quick Keys from the left-side navigation column. 

[2] Select the application icon you want to remove. Once you click on it, you will notice the yellow bar below the icon. This shows that the application is selected. 

[3] Click on the Gear icon in the upper right. 

[4] Select Remove Selected Application, and the selected application will be removed from the Application row.

** Tip of the Day: Right below the "Remove Selected Software" is the Export selection. Please take a minute and use this to back up your settings.