When I press the Set button on my Quick Keys, I only have Set A. How do I add other sets? 

** Tool Tip in the last slide**

First, you will want to connect your Quick Keys and open the Setting program.

[1] It shows that Set A is active, and the other sets are Grayed out, showing that they are not active.

[2] You can Enable the addition Set by opening the Options menu.

[3] Click on the set you want to Enable. You will see the Yellow bar under the set. Click on the Options dropdown menu, and [5] select Enable "Set B."

[6] Set B is now active, and the buttons can be customized.

When you press the Set button now, you will be able to move through both sets. 

Can I rename a set?
Yes, you can add a short description to a Set Name that will appear on the Quick Keys OLED when you press the Set button.

[7] Set B is the set that I want to change the name of. I have clicked on it, and the Yellow bar is below it.  

[8] Select the Options dropdown menu, and click [9] Rename "Set B." You will be able to type in a short description that will be displayed on the Quick Keys.