Yes with, the release of the Mac Driver 1.2.1-18 and Windows Driver 1.2.1-14, you now can fine-tune tilt on both of your pens.

This is done the same way on both the Mac and the Windows platforms. 

*Please know that the application you are using must be able to read tilt. Turning tilt on in the Xencelabs Settings program will not automatically give you tilt capabilities within your application.

First, you will want to ensure that pen pressure is turned on. By default, it is set to On. 

You will need to open the settings program. You can click on the center upper-left button on your Pen Tablet to do this.

Once the Settings program is open, [1] click on the Customize drop-down menu, and [2] make sure that pen Tilt is set to On, with the Yellow slider in the Right position.

I'm using the 3-Button pen to demonstrate how to set tilt.

Select the [3] pen you are going to make tilt adjustments on.

[4] Click on Advanced Settings, and then [5] select More.

[6] The slider, by default, is set to 1x. You can move it to the right and test it in our application to see how it works.

*Note: you may need to close and reopen your application after adjusting pen tilt each time.

[7] Click Ok once you have made your changes.