Yes, you will need to have Mac Driver 1.2.1-18 or Windows Driver 1.2.1-14 or later installed.

Before starting this process, connect your Quick Keys.  

You will need to open the Setting program, You can do this by clicking on the top-center left button on your tablet, or by running the Xencelabs application. 

Once you have the Setting program open, you can [1] click on the Quick Keys or Pen Tablet from the left-hand navigation. This step is not necessary. It will show you the application in the Application row.

Click on the [2] gear, select [3] Export User Settings.

Select [4] Application-specific settings for the Quick Keys remote, then [5] scroll down the list and select the application you want to save the setting for. In this case, it is Lr. 

The application will be displayed in the [6] Application window.

[7] Click Ok. 

[8] A name will be given for the file you are creating. You can change it to whatever you would like to keep your needs.

[9] You can add a note to make it more descriptive.

[10] Once complete, you can Export the custom settings.

[11. 12] Shows the directory and folder in which you are packing the file. You can change this as you would like.

[13] It shows the file name. You can also change this as needed. You will notice the file extension is .rmcfg.

[14] Press the Save button to save the custom settings file. 

[15] Click OK, and you have completed the process to save your custom settings for an application.