Yes, you will need to have Mac Driver 1.2.1-18 or Windows Driver 1.2.1-14 or later installed. You will also need to have the Quick Keys connected and active. If you do not have the Quick Keys connected, or if you do not have the Quick Keys at all, you will not be able to Export application-specific settings. 

** At this time, you can only share your settings with like OSs, and unfortunately, the Linux driver cannot share settings by application.

Before starting this process, connect your Quick Keys.  

You will need to open the Setting program. You can do this by clicking on the top-center left button on your tablet or by running the Xencelabs application. 

Once you have the Setting program open, you can [1] click on the Quick Keys or Pen Tablet from the left-hand navigation. This step is not necessary. It will show you the application in the Application row.

Click on the [2] gear, and select [3] Export User Settings.

Select [4] Application-specific settings for the Quick Keys remote, then [5] scroll down the list and select the application you want to save the setting for. In this case, it is Lr. 

The application will be displayed in the [6] Application window.

[7] Click Ok. 

[8] A name will be given for the file you are creating. You can change it to whatever you would like to keep your needs.

[9] You can add a note to make it more descriptive.

[10] Once complete, you can Export the custom settings.

[11. 12] Shows the directory and folder in which you are packing the file. You can change this as you would like.

[13] It shows the file name. You can also change this as needed. You will notice the file extension is .rmcfg.

[14] Press the Save button to save the custom settings file. 

[15] Click OK, and you have completed the process to save your custom settings for an application.