This is a Windows operating system feature called Press and Hold to Right Click. This is not active by default, but if at some point it was selected, it can cause unexpected behavior.

Go to Pen and Touch settings in the Control Panel. Select the Pen Options tab. Select to highlight the Press and hold an item in the Pen action list, then click Settings...

Finally, you can deselect the check box in the next dialog that says, "Enable press and hold for right-clicking." Click OK to save the setting.

In the Windows, search window type Control Panel, and then select it from the list.

1. If you do not have Large or Small Icon selected, you will not see Pen and Touch. You can drop the menu down and select either Large or Small Icon for your view.

2. Select Pen and Touch
1. Once you select Pen and Touch

2. The Pen and Touch dialog box will be displayed, and you can select Press and hold

3. Click Settings and the and the Press and Hold Settings dialog box will appear

4. At the top of the Press and Hold Settings box will be the check box for Enable press and hold for right-clicking. To remove the Press and Hold setting, remove the check, and press OK

You can also test the feature in the Test Settings box.