Disconnect the Xencelabs Wireless dongle from the computer, then turn the tablet off using the Power Off switch at the top of the tablet to the right of the USB port. 


Let it sit for 15 seconds, place the Wireless dongle back in the USB port on the computer, and turn the tablet On. 

If the tablet is still not connecting via the Wireless dongle, you may need to repair the tablet to the dongle. 

  1. Connect the tablet using the USB cable, and then open the Settings application by pressing the top center button on the left.
  2. Select the Pen tablet.
  3. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the Gear icon.
  4. Select Pair Device to Dongle.
  5. The Pair Device application will open, select Pen tablet.
  6. It will ask you if you want to Pair the Device, click Yes.
  7. Click Close
  8. Disconnect the USB cable, and you should be up and running. 

If you are still not connected in wireless mode, It would also be helpful to test it on another computer before calling Xencelabs Customer Care.

You can follow up with the Customer Care team at support.xencelabs.com.

Image showing from left to right; Wireless connection light, On / Off Slider Switch, Green power light, and USB connection port