Yes, you will need to open the Xencelabs Settings Panel by pressing the left button on the tablet's top center button set. Once the Settings Panel is open, you will select the pen you are using (3-Button or Thin pen), and then you will be able to customize the pen buttons, Pen Pressure, and advance settings for the pen buttons.

Customizing the pen buttons

1. By clicking on the Top Button drop-down selection, you will expand the Top Button's extended menu options. These options are available for each of the pens buttons and also the eraser.

2. When you hover over the Button selection, you will notice that it lights up on the pen diagram.
To further customize your pen, you can turn On or Off some of the pen features.

1. Select Customize 3-Button Pen dropdown.

2. You can turn on or off the Pen Tilt, Pen Button, or Mouse mode.
Adjusting Pen Pressure

By selecting Advanced Settings, you can adjust the PenTip and Eraser to feel.

1. By default, PenTip is selected. By clicking Eraser, you can make the same customizations to the Eraser. By

2. Grabbing the square, you can move the curve to the position that best suits your drawing style

3. Shows you the Pressure curve for your selection

4. Allows you to test the customized setting

When you are done customizing, click OK to save your changes.