Yes, from the Xenceslabs Settings application, you can set the tablet's active area to all or a portion of the tablet to meet your needs.

You will need to open the Settings Application. To do this, you can press the tablet button on the top and center-left of the tablet.

1. Once open select preferences.

2. In the lower portion of the Preferences box, you will see a Full Tablet Area drop-down selection.

By default, the portion is set to full.

1. From the drop-down menu, select Define Portion.

1. You will then place your cursor in the upper left-hand corner and click and drag down to the lower right for the desired active area.

The image to the left shows the selected active area.

2. Click OK to accept the selected active area

1. Your new active area is now displayed

You can exit out of the Settings application.

1. To reset your active area to the entire tablet, you can click the Reset to Default button. This will make your entire tablet active again