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Adding 4th button as mouse click to 3-pen button

Could you add button 4 to click in the next driver release?

That would be super helpful in software like Blender or Zbrush.

Having four buttons on the pen has excellent potential.

Now the only solution is to use that bottom button as an eraser....




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That is an interesting setup, and thanks for sharing!


I have my custom keyboard layout built around the left hand.

I mostly use ALT, Shift as modifiers and then X C V Q S D F G W E R T :]

As I'm also using a split keyboard- Kyria. - All about split keyboards.

Best M.

Thanks for creating the screenshots. I have passed that on to the drive team for them to review for adding as a feature request.

What are your most used Blender shortcut keys?


Thanks for the quick replay. 

I'm looking for driver functionality. Dropping screenshot below 




Are you asking for a fourth physical button on the pen, or are you asking for something else? Please add some more context to your request - thanks. 

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