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Quick Keys for Krita

 I started to create a configuration for my new Quick Keys Remote for the free painting application Krita.

It is a start and probably will not fit everybody, so adjustments are welcome and I would be happy to see approaches from other people.

So please share your configurations here.

There are a ffew shortcuts that probably needs to be created in Krita as they are usually not assigned to a key. (Some are also stealing a key from lesser used tools)

To change these in Krita go to "Settings" -> "Configure Krita" -> "Keyboard Shorcuts" and search for the following commands:

"Freehand Selection" -> Now assigned to "^" on a german keyboard the key left of the 1

"Reload Brush Preset" -> Now assigned to "Q", taken away from the multibrush.

These are a mix of my own presets and stuff I found in David Revoy's Tips and Tricks.

I do hope you like it and share your own configurations.

(11.3 KB)

Carsten - Thanks for posting your Krita setup for the Quick Keys. That is awesome.

It would be interesting to see what others post, and from that, I can see if the Driver team will add a set of Pre-Sets for Krita when the Xencelabs Driver is installed.

Thanks for posting and sharing!


Thanks! I saved that file to try later on.


  as I dowloaded the application, I tried to import your configuration. BUT, when doing, it erase all the configurations in the device, and if I reimport the saved configuration, krita is not there.

As someone a tip for this problem

Thanks for creating the post. I would like to start by saying that once you have made custom settings or changes to your Settings panel for any of your devices or added applications, it is always a great idea to back up your Setting File. I have placed a link below to an FA that will walk you through doing that.

FAQ Link:

When you import a Preference file, it will overwrite all your current settings. This is what you discovered when you performed the import.

Silly question: you do have Krita installed on your computer, and it is the same version as the one you are importing the Preference file?

If that is not the case, please reach out to with your system information, and one of our agents will look into this with you.


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