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Configuring Quick Keys Shortcut Remote

Hi. I have configured my remote in Mode 1 and that works fine, but I cannot access any other mode using the driver (initially in version 1.1, now removed and installed versaion 1.1.14) so I cannot change default key configuration for modes 2 to 4. I noticed also that I can change the scroll wheel colour in the driver and these changes save to the driver but not to the device. I am using Windows 11 and Support tells me that is not an issue. I am doing something wrong here? Any help would be very appreciated as I am disabled and find keyboard typing very bad ergonomically for me, hence my reason for purchasing the remote.

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Thanks for reaching out to Xencelabs. I was not able to reproduce what you are experiencing. I would like to have you reach out to Xencelabs Customer Care at and email them with some screenshots. Thanks 

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