Currently, there is no way to change the scroll direction on Windows 10/11. If you are using the Xencelabs Quick Keys, you now have a way. 

The instructions below will walk you through that process. 

The Quick Keys has a Scroll function. You can select it and use the Dial on the Quick Keys to scroll. It will scroll in the same direction as the Windows scroll utility.

If you want to change the scroll direction, there is currently no way to do that with the Xencelabs Scroll function.

But here is a way...

[1] Select the application you want to change the scroll direction in.

[2] Then select your Quick Keys.

[3] The Dial position you want to assign it to.In this example, Mode 1.

[4,5] Click on the drop-down menu, and you will see the selection for Scroll.

Now we are going to change the scroll direction on our Quick Keys.

[1] You will select the position or Mode on the Quick Keys Dial you want to use.

[2,3] Then click the drop-down menu, and select Keystroke.

[4] You will want to give this feature a name. I named mine Scroll Reversed.

[5] Click the cursor in the top field and then press the Down Arrow on your keyboard.

You will notice the field is then populated with the Down Arrow.

[6] Doing the same in the lower field, click the cursor in the field and then press the Up Arrow on your keyboard.

[7] Then click OK.

[8] You will now see the Dial Mode assignment you entered.

[9] Click OK, and it will be saved.

[10] You will now see it listed in the Mode selections.

You are ready to use your Quick Keys Dial and scroll in the opposite direction.

Remember when you make custom settings to always back up your work.

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