Windows Platform Only Issue:

This is caused by a mismatch between the Wintab and Windows Ink settings between the Krita and the Xencelabs Settings panel. The fix is easy and quick. Please follow the instructions listed below.  

First, you will need to add Krita to the Application row, and the link below will work you through doing that. 

FAQ for adding the application to the Application row:

You will want to open Krita and see if you are in Wintab or Windows 8 (Windows Ink) mode.

[1] Click on Settings.

[2] Select Configure Krita

[3] Select Tablet settings

[4] Select the mode you want to use. You will need to match this selection in the Xencelabs Setting Panel.

Open the Settings panel.

[5] Select Krita in the top Application row. You will notice that yellow bar under it. This tells you the application has focus, and any custom setting you make will be applied only to Krita.

[6] If you use Wintab in Krita, you will want to uncheck the Windows Ink box.

If you are using Windows 8 in Krita, then you will want to make sure Windows Ink is checked.

Your mode must match between Krita and the Xencelabs Settings panel.