Yes, and that is a unique use of those commands using the Dial—the instructions to implement this are listed below. 

Typically these functions are assigned to a Button, but they can also be assigned to the Dial for an unquie adaptation of who they are used. 

When you set Undo and Redo to a Dial position, you can quickly move the Dial back to Undo lines or brush strokes or move the Dial forward to add them back. This makes for a super fast edit on the fly.

Open the Settings panel and then [1] select the application you want to assign the function to.

[2] Then select your My Quick Keys from the left navigation menu.

[3] Select the mode you would like to assign this set of functions in this case; I have selected Mode 4.

[4]  Click the dropdown menu and [5] and select Keystroke.

[6] Click in the first field.

[7] Then click Clear. 

[8] Press the keys you want to add to the first field.

I entered Undo - Ctrl+Z

You will follow the same process with the second field.

I entered in Redo - Ctrl+Shift+Z

[9] And then click OK

And it will look like this.

[9] Please know we are working on assigning custom names to these fields. 


The last step is to rename the Mode to Undo Redo - this is optional.

[11] Dropdown the menu and [12] select Rename "Mode 4".

[13] Click Ok

You are set.

[13] It shows the new name you gave that function.