The Xencelabs driver is tested to run on fully released ma operating systems. Currently, macOS 13 - Ventura is in beta testing and has not been released yet as a fully tested operating system. It is scheduled for general release later in the fall of 2022. 

With that said, yes, the Xencelabs driver will work on Ventura. There may be some elements of the Xencelabs driver that have not been fully tested and or not working properly on Ventura. 

It is hard for our driver team to keep up with all the beta releases. The life cycle of a beta driver is one of many updates and fixes. This keeps the driver team on their toes and in communication with the folks at Apple.

If you encounter issues with the Xencelabs driver running Ventura, please let us know by emailing

The below information would be helpful:  

  • What version of Ventura you are using
  • What version of the Xencelabs driver you are using
  • What application are you having issues with, if applicable

Once the new macOS is released, our macOS driver will work well with it.