Your Quick Keys can be used to increase productivity in many different applications including Adobe's Premiere Pro.

Unfortunately, we don't have a pre-made profile for Premiere Pro, so you will need to program your own profile for your Quick Keys. Down below I will include some tips when setting up you own profile, of course please feel free to explore and set up what is best for you.

1.) First thing you will want to do is adding Premiere to the application row in the settings panel.

Here is a separate FAQ article we have on adding applications to the application row. Click Here!

2.) I find having the Quick Keys in a horizontal orientation is best for the navigation shortcuts I have assigned. But of course, use what is most comfortable for you.

3.) I have found that I only really use two of the four available modes for the dial, I will go more into what I have assigned later on in this article.

4.) Here are the Key sets I have set up, starting out with 3 is a good way to get used to your Quick Keys but you can add up to 5 sets.

The next set I have created is dedicated to tools. Using this set you can quickly switch between the different tools used for navigating and editing on the timeline.

Probably the most useful aspect of the Quick Keys, when using it with Adobe Premiere, is the dial. Using the dial, we can set up the Quick Keys to move and zoom on the timeline.

1.) Firstly, the 3rd set I have created is curated to timeline controls. This set features shuttling controls using the J,K, and L keys. This is where having the Quick Keys in a horizontal orientation is helpful because those J,K and L keys line up.

2.) For the dial set up I have made Mode 1 to move along the timeline frame by frame.

3.) To set up moving frame by frame, we are going to use the arrow keys. To add this to Mode 1 we will want to use the 'Keystroke' option in the drop-down menu.

4.) These boxes are where you will input the Left and Right arrows. Click the box, keep in mind the direction of the arrows next to each box. Top box is Counter Clockwise and the bottom box is Clockwise.

5.) Since we will be using this mode to move frame by frame, it will be helpful to increase the 'Dial Sensitivity' too Fast.

Click 'Ok' when your done editing these settings.

I hope that this article was helpful in setting up your Quick Keys to work in Adobe Premiere, as always please feel free to customize anything that I mentioned here. Certain aspects of this walkthrough can also be utilized in other video editing software, as well as photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom.

If you have any questions,ns please reach out to our Customer Care team, thank you!