Yes, you can adjust the Dial speed per application. I have included instructions below to set that up.   

In this example, I will set the Dial speed to Slow in Captuer One and  Fast in zBrush. 

Here is a link that will walk you through adding an application to the Application row:

First, you will want to make sure that your Quick Keys is attached to your computer, and then you will need to open the Setting program.

[1] Select My Quick Keys. If you do not have a PenTablet, you will only see a listing for the Quick Keys.

[2] This is the Application row. You will need to select that application icon to which you want to make custom settings.

Note the Yellow Bar under the zBrush icon. This shows that this application now has focus, and any changes you make will only affect this application when it is active.

You will want to make sure you have the application or applications you want to adjust the Dial Speed to added to your Application Row.

[3] Our first change will be to Capture One. I have clicked on the Captuer One icon, and it now has focus. 

[4] We are now going to click the Mode 1 selection.

[5] This shows that we are in Mode 1.

[6] This is the slide adjustment for making the Dial react faster or slower. In this case, I have moved the slider a bit to the left, reducing the Dial's speed as I turn it.

[7] Once you have made the adjustment you want, click the OK button to same your change.

[8] It shows that we have selected zBrush. Any changes we now make will only affect zBrush.

[9] I have selected Mode 1

[10] I have moved the dial speed to Fast

[11] And click OK to save your changes.

You are set.