You can set up a button on your Pen, Tablet, or Quick Keys to open a file or run an executable program.  

You will want to know where the file or the .exe is located on your computer. And I would also suggest that you use File Explorer or Finder to locate it and then see if you can select it and run it. If you can, you are halfway there! find

This can be set up on both the Mac and Windows platforms in the same way. In this example, I'm using a Windows 10 computer and I'm opening an Excel spreadsheet on my Quick Keys. You set this up on a Tablet Button or even a button on your Pen.,

The first thing you will want to do is open the Settings program.

[1] By default, the Settings program opens to the Home display, and in the bottom portion, you will see your connected Xencelabs devices.

If you do not see the device you want to set this up on, please connect it now. 

Once you have the Settings program open, select the device from the left navigation window you want to set this up upon.

I'm using My Quick Keys, {2] click on the Globe, and then select the button you are wanting to use want.

[3] I selected button six.

When you click on the button, a menu will open, [4] select Application from the drop-down list.

And then [5] select Open/Run

When you select Application, you will see this menu.

Select [6] Browse.

If you want to open a file, something other than a .exe type application, [7] drop the menu down and select All files(*.*)

[8] You will need to navigate to the folder, [9] and the file, and click it to select it.

Once you have done that, it will appear in the [10]File name window at the bottom, then [11]click Open. 

[12] Click OK

[13] And you are all set up.

Please keep in mind that since this was action was set up under the "All Other" Globe, you will need to click on the desktop, and then it will appear on the OLED on your Quick Keys.