With Windows system, If you see the crease or straight-line segment when drawing in Clip Studio Paint by wireless connection the Xencelabs tablet , similar as below:

Please select [Windows Ink] in the Xencelabs Driver, and open the [Preferences] tab of Clip Studio Paint, then select [Prefer quality] in the Tablet Settings option.


To do that, follow the detailed instructions below.

[1] Open Xencelabs Driver, then click on [Pen Tablet].


[2] Select [Windows Ink].

[1] Open Clip Studio Paint, then click on [File].


[2] Scrolling down to [Preferences] and select it.

[1] Select [Tablet]. This will open the settings for tablet.


[2] Set [Using tablet service] to [Tablet PC].


[3] Set [Tablet Settings] to [Prefer quality].


[4] Click [OK] button, and test, the issues with a crease or straight-line segment when drawing should have disappeared.