Yes, we have a command line switch that allows the Xencelabs drier to be installed with no dialog boxes opening during installation. 

In most cases, you will want to use the /VERYSILENT install option, as there will be no pop-up dialog boxes with this install selection. 

Command Line argument:  /verysilent

The driver can be added to popular network install programs and installed as a package across a network using the /verysilent command line argument.

Must be instsalling Xencelabs driver 1.2.1-19-RC or later. 

Windows Command Line Instructions:

[1] Navigate to the directory where you have the Xeneclabs driver installed. You can use the CD, and Dir commands to change your directory and list the contents of the directory to make sure the driver is in that directory.

[2] This line shows the Xencelabs driver 1.2.1-19-RC is in the current folder.

[3] This line shows the command line entry to run the driver in /verysilent mode

Xencelabs1.2.1-19-RC.exe /verysilent

Pressing Enter starts the installation.