The Driver has detected that you’ve connected a Xencelabs Pen Tablet or Display and is letting you know that you’ll need to download and install the full version of the Driver. This is because you had previously installed the Quick Keys-only version of the Driver which allows for more seamless use with third-party tablets because it lacks the WinTab utility (and only includes the Windows Ink utility).

The full version of the Driver that we’re now strongly recommending that you download and install includes all driver components including the WinTab utility. This will ensure your Xencelabs Pen Tablet or Display will always work properly and provide proper updates for your device’s software and firmware.

If you’re using any applications that use WinTab and do not update to the full version of the Driver, you may experience issues with pen pressure and/or line quality, or the pen might not work at all. 

Please use the link below to download and install the current Xencelabs Driver.

Driver Page Link:

If you have any questions, please reach out to Customer Care at

You will need to select Install to continue with the Full installation of the Xencelabs Driver.