The leading cause of this is using a keyboard layout other than the QWERTY Standard keyboard with your Mac.


If you use a non-standard QWERTY keyboard layout like a German or French keyboard, the keys you enter will differ from the standard QWERTY keyboard.


Example: Command + Y on the QWERTY keyboard, but if you are using a different keyboard layout, it would be a different command that is sent. 


Also, the “+” key will be in a different location. 

At this time, the easiest fix is to use a QWERTY standard keyboard layout.


Tool Tip: Some applications can compensate for this by allowing you to change the “hot-keys” used within the application. Please note this will be an application fix and not affect any other applications you are using.

Keyboard layout examples are listed below. 

Standaard QWERTY keyboard layout

Canadian French

Swiss French