The Xencelabs Driver will work with most other tablet drivers. However, you'll want to be aware of saving your other driver's custom settings before installing the Xencelabs Driver. If you are not using the other tablet anymore, remove the other driver, and reboot your computer before installing the Xencelabs driver. 

Wacom user heads up:

 For Wacom users on the Windows 10 platform that has applications that use WinTabs, you will need to know that only one device can connect to Wintabs at a time. If the last device you used were your Wacom tablet, you would need to disconnect the USB cable for the Wacom tablet from your computer. Then you will be able to use your Xencelabs tablet with that application. 


The WinTab issue will only affect Windows users using Xencelabs and Wacom tablets and applications that use the WinTab feature instead of Windows Ink.

Important note:  The Tablet you want to use with your WinTab applications must be the first driver installed.